In April of 2010 when the Niles brothers heard that Oceans 11 Hotel in the St. Lawrence Gap was for sale, they jumped on the opportunity.

Using the strengths that each of the brothers brought to the table, they worked together to completely renovate the property to reflect Olde fashioned Barbadian hospitality set within a friendly social environment, great food and entertainment - the perfect location at an affordable price. Their sister, Marlene saw this as her chance to return home and do something she would enjoy – working alongside her family to create an excellent product.

Today a second generation of Niles works to maintain that standard of excellence.

While the guests of Ocean 15 rave about the great food and ambiance as well as the large comfortable rooms (which mirror affluent Barbadian lifestyle homes), what also attracts and keeps them coming back is the Niles family. You will see them doing everything from cleaning rooms to just sitting around and making their guests feel welcome.

Come... stay at Ocean 15 and become a part of the family.